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A visit with Vanessa Capshaw of BATS!

3 Sep

Next in our lineup of featured zinesters is Vanessa Capshaw, whose dreamy 80s zine covers clothe BATS, “an ongoing comic-zine series that centers around the abject misadventures of Juju and the Lox, two genderqueer boys in high school.” [from BATASTROPHE]



Why do you create zines?

I create zines because I enjoy the DIY/Self Publishing element to it in which I can publish anything I want to publish. With zines there are no boundaries or rules. I also enjoy the construction process – I love playing around with Xerox machines and silkscreening covers. Even folding and stapling them is fun for me!

What new projects are you working on this year?

I am currently working on a mini-art zine called “OMG BFFS” and a follow up to “BATS: Cry Crystal Castle”. 

What will be on your table at this year’s Zine Fest?

Other than zines and comics, I sell pinback buttons, prints, silkscreened tote bags and even silkscreened shirts that feature my comic characters.

What is the concept behind your zine/zines?

I focus on concepts of escapism, sexuality and mental illness and explore them through my comic characters Lox and Juju, two genderqueer high school boys that live in Houston, TX.

5. What is/are your favorite place(s) in Houston? 

The Enclave area of the Energy Corridor in the Westside of town. It has such an intense eerie feel to it! Back when I actually lived in Houston I would drive around that area when feeling pensive or bored. It’s changed a lot in the past decade or so, but I still love it.