ZFH 2015 Interview #14: Dakota Cates aka Wizard of Barge

14 Oct

Dakota Cates ImageDakota Cates, also known as Wizard of Barge, conjures up monsters and ghouls to take over the world. Check out his Etsy store for prints and original art. He talks to us about his new zine below!

ZFH: Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you’ll be showing at ZFH 2015!

Dakota Cates: I’m an artist from Houston/Austin areas who goes by the name Wizard of Barge. Weird monsters, pop culture nostalgia, and a bad sense of humor is what I’m all about! I just came out with a zine called Oddballs, it’s kind of like people watching at a mall in another dimension.

ZFH: What is the future of zines in this new and rapidly digitizing world?

DC: Zines are awesome, it’s just another DIY way of showing your work, there’s no rules you just make whatever you want, and the last few years they’ve been getting a lot more popularity.

ZFH: Were you an analog to digital transition or were you a BB born in the tech age? How does technology and recent technological developments affect your zine-making practice?

DC: I’m STILL learning all of this digital stuff. It’s a pain, I wish I could just download it into my head, cause that’s how technology works right?

ZFH: What in your opinion is the best invention of the last 30 years?

DC: Probably the smartphone, social media plays a huge part on getting your art out there, it’s too convenient.

ZFH: What in your opinion is the worst invention of the last 30 years?

DC: For sure the selfie stick, those things suck.

ZFH: How will you best honor our cyber overlords?

DC: Hours and hours of eye strain!!!

Many thanks, Dakota…oops, Wizard of Barge! So great that you can join us at Zine Fest Houston this year!


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