ZFH 2015 Interview #11: Gulf Coast Literary Journal

13 Oct

Gulf Coast Image

Joining us this year is Gulf Coast, a literary magazine founded by Donald Barthelme and Philip Lopate over twenty years ago. Gulf Coast continues to be published today out of the creative writing department of the University of Houston. They publish poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, interviews, and reviews, as well as a full-color visual art features and critical art writing. Editor Adrienne G. Perry fills us in on what they are all about below!

ZFH: Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you’ll be showing at ZFH 2015!

Gulf Coast: Gulf Coast is a boss, student-run journal based out of the University of Houston’s English department and creative writing program. Our team of about 30 staffers are on the hunt for the best in contemporary art and literature, publishing two luscious print editions each year and continually rotating content online. Folks who read Gulf Coast love the journal’s design, the diversity of voices in our pages, on the web, and our unique fusion of art and literature. On the national literary scene, we’re an established player with local, H-town roots and a little edge.

ZFH: What is the future of zines in this new and rapidly digitizing world?

GC: Zines are hugely important in this digitized world. Zines are a form of citizens’ art and media, allowing artists, writers, and creators to regain agency in publishing and producing art and writing they believe in passionately. One of the dangers of digitization and the big guy publishers is that those voices–crucial, often marginalized voices–that need to be heard and celebrated lose their platforms. Zines rebuild those platforms and reinvent them beautifully and with incredible imagination.

ZFH: What in your opinion is the best invention of the last 30 years?

GC: Quantum computing.

ZFH: What in your opinion is the worst invention of the last 30 years?

GC: Private prison industry.

Thanks, Gulf Coast! We are excited for you to join us at the fest this year! There will be lots of other magazines featured at Zine Fest Houston 2015 as well, so stop by The Printing Museum on Saturday, October 17th to check them out.


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