ZFH 2015 Interview #6: Anklebiters Publishing & Whatever, Mom Publications

9 Oct

Anklebiters Publishing ImageHere is a short and sweet interview with Kalen Rowe of Anklebiters Publishing and Traci Lavois Thiebaud of Whatever, Mom Publications! They will be sharing a table at Zine Fest this year, so you can check out all of their publications in one spot.

ZFH: Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you’ll be showing at ZFH 2015!

Anklebiters Publishing & Whatever, Mom Publications: Anklebiters Publishing prints and digitizes collections of literary, visual art, and sound works in conjunction with Whatever, Mom Publications. We have printed Primitive Magazine, Poets Anonymous, Pat Brogan’s “New Sky,” a collection of poems and Sky Mall pages, and several zines.

ZFH: What is the future of zines in this new and rapidly digitizing world?

AP & WMP: Zines will only become easier to make the faster technology progresses. Readership and interest in zines comes from a community that continues to make them. We think people will always appreciate a balance between the physical and the digital.

ZFH: What type of work are you looking to publish?

AP & WMP: Anklebiters Publishing wants to provide independent DIY literary and arts mags and books to the Houston area. Poetry, fiction, nonfiction, satire, visual art, comics, essays, articles, photography, sounds, we will print, cut, score, bind, everything into imperfect little collections, and web it too.

Yay, so excited for these two to be here at Zine Fest Houston 2015!


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