ZFH 2015 Interview #3: Dwayne Carter

6 Oct

Dwayne Carter Image 1

Here to tell us about his current zine project called Madness is Dallas-based artist Dwayne Carter!

ZFH: Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you’ll be showing at ZFH 2015!

Dwayne Carter: I am a Dallas-based artist who has been working in new media, and painting for over two decades. My current zine projects are a series of Madness “photo novellas” zines with stories focusing on the irrational side of human behavior. The most current titles are “Mirror of Madness” “Collective Madness” and “Irrational City.” It is our nature to react with emotion more than reason. The passions and urges that guide us are more powerful than our intellect. In confronting the unknowable, hunches, faith, or gang allegiance guide our judgments.

ZFH: What is the future of zines in this new and rapidly digitizing world?

DC: The clearest growth area in publishing is online since it is cheap and potentially as easy as posting a PDF file. This should continue to grow even without interactive Flash content. However, as an artist who has been engaged with digital art for quite a while, I think people have a growing need for analog stimulation. The “photo novella” format has a tradition in Mexican Comics and can be found in the checkout lines at Supermercados in Dallas and other cities in the Southwest. The photo novella is also used in health education since photo story telling is easy for people to understand.

ZFH: Were you an analog to digital transition or were you a BB born in the tech age? How does technology and recent technological developments affect your zine-making practice?

DC: I started working with digital media early with the advent of Photoshop 2 and 2.5. Because of this, I was fortunate to be hired at the start of the Richland College Multimedia Learning Center, which was one of the earliest departments to offer digital media courses in the Dallas area. As one of the first schools anywhere, we had students from Nebraska and the Bay Area attending workshops.  Students included writers for PBS with PhD degrees and plenty of MFA graduates who were seeking experience with current digital tools. It was a rich and rewarding time.

Dwayne Carter Image 2ZFH: What in your opinion is the best invention of the last 30 years?

DC: There are days Adobe will drive you crazy, but Photoshop has outlived most digital tools. Also, the current sweep of mobile first is hard to ignore.

ZFH: What in your opinion is the worst invention of the last 30 years?

DC: The lacking competition for Photoshop.

ZFH: How will you best honor our cyber overlords?

DC: With a thumb to the nose in irreverence.

Be sure to check out Dwayne’s “photo novella” zines at Zine Fest Houston this year!


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