ZFH 2015 Interview #2: Alyssabeth Guerra

6 Oct

Alyssabeth Guerra ImageNext up is Alyssabeth Guerra who is debuting her new zine, Pillow Talk, at this year’s fest!

ZFH: Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you’ll be showing at ZFH 2015!

Alyssabeth Guerra: My name is Alyssabeth Guerra and I currently reside in Beaumont, TX, but grew up in the Central Texas area. I have a degree from Texas Tech of General Studies in Jewelry/Metal Smithing Design, History with an emphasis in Mexico, and Art History with an emphasis in Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica. My interests include: art (obvi), history, cooking and eating all the food, being a good person (at least trying to), dogs, and a slew of other things. The main work I will be featuring at ZFH is my very first and new zine, Pillow Talk.

I’ve always been creative, but anyone can know the weight of feeling depleted or uninspired in their practices not to mention just life in general. I admit I have even felt a bit of a fraud at times as someone who works in the art world. So, this past year has really just been an effort to fall in love with art again by getting into comics and zines and back into my long-term practice as a mail artist. I guess like a sponge or something, I was just absorbing all of this material and letting it do its good work on me because I was able to come up with an idea for my own zine.

The idea for Pillow Talk came to me in quite a superficial way actually as I had just purchased this ‘new to me’ shirt that happened to have pearl snaps. As I realized this as I was putting it on I laughed, because it reminded me of a story that was told to me by someone who I care very much for, while we were in bed. Even though by this point he and I had separated, this story and those moments still meant as much. I began to think about other significant moments shared with past lovers, friends growing up, being a kid and put to bed by my parents, putting other kids to bed as an adult, and how simple and beautiful that all was. People spend about an average third of their life span asleep, and those we choose to be in our company while we are in our most vulnerable state has some significance I think.

In each issue of Pillow Talk my goal is to tackle a subject privy to my experiences with others, or topics relating to moments in bed and during the night/small hours of the morning. In Issue #1: The Loves of Our Lives, I talk about the different kinds of lovers one might encounter in life and my most memorable moments with a few of mine. Issue #2: Big and Bright is currently in the works but will feature some of my favorite constellations and mythology. If all goes as planned I will also have a special edition print of Big and Bright as a foldable booklet/poster with my illustrations as a working constellation map.

I’m pleased as punch for having the opportunity and taking the plunge to be a part of ZFH! I know I’ll have a great time, and it’ll be a great time for everyone else too! I’m pretty friendly so I’ll be more than happy to talk with anyone about whatever. :] Hope to see you there!

Thanks, Alyssabeth! We’re looking forward to checking out your new zine at the fest!


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