Interview with Brendan Kiefer

21 Sep


Check out Brendan Kiefer’s website here and be sure to stop by his table to pick up Pissy Pants #1 & #2!


How did you become interested in zines?
My interest in zines stems from my interest in comics. I appreciate the notion that art shouldn’t be something only the wealthy can afford but should be something that you can hold in your hand and have an intimate experience with.


Why do you like zines?
Zines are full of endless possibility. They can tell stories, they can tell jokes, they can say nothing at all. I find the intersection between ideas and physical reality to be a disconcerting and ellating place.


Why do you create zines?

I’d like to think it has to do with decluttering the information and biases floating around in my brain. Plus, having control over something — no matter how small brings satisfaction.


What is the concept behind your zine/zines? The world is a crazy place. I want to make a tiny little pond to reflect in.


What new projects are you working on this year? Pissy Pants #2, a collection of horrible cat comics, and some collaborations with friends under the moniker “Hats & Belts.”


What made you decide to participate in 2012 Zine Fest Houston?
Stubbornness. How could I let something like that go on without me?


What are your favorite zines/minicomics/etc?
I thought that “Incinerator” by Michael Deforge was a pretty good testament to justifying his recent popularity — though I guess it might be a stretch to call it a minicomic since it’s not self-published. I also thought Stiff Whiff / Tranquil Time by John Hankiewicz and Onsmith was a pretty gorgeous little book.


What other creative ventures do you have besides making zines? Since I live in Austin, I naturally play in a couple bands. I also enjoy painting when I have the time – that’s what I got a degree in.

How long have you been creating zines? I’ve been drawing all my life but have really only gotten into zine-making in the past couple years.


What is something you think people should know about DIY in Houston?
Zines are people too.


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