Interview With Noel Kalmus

16 Aug

Noel will be one of our tablers this year. Check out her flickr page here for samples of her work. Image

Why do you create zines?

In kindergarten my teacher stapled together little blank books with construction paper covers. Whenever we had free time I would take a book from the box and fill it with stories and drawings. Any type of book has always made the most sense to me as a space for my work. Sketchbooks are of course essential, but when the book is reproducible and shareable, that’s when it becomes really fun.

Why do you like love zines? I love books, I love small things, I love looking at other peoples’ drawings, I love collecting things, I love hand-made things, I love making things, I love the community/collaborating, I love how innovative you can be when it comes to content, materials used, binding, etc. 

What is something you’re looking forward to about the 2012 zine fest Houston?

I’ve only tabled at Staple! in Austin so far, so I’m excited to meet different people and see a bunch of new work and experience the culture of a different zine fest. Also hopefully visiting Houston’s Domy for the first time, and seeing one of my favorite friends.

What are your favorite zines/minicomics/etc?

I am drawn to experimental art/drawing that takes risks and is innovative as well as graphite drawings and printmaking processes. Unfortunately my book collection is temporarily packed away so I will inevitably forget something, but the ones that come to mind are Christina and Charles by Austin English, Goodness by Mel Stringer, Boys Club by Matt Furie, Jin & Jam by Hellen Jo. And I’m going to stop there because I could just go on forever…man I am not looking forward to suddenly remembering all the amazing books I forgot here.

What new projects are you working on this year?

I graduate from Southwestern University with an art degree in December, so I am taking advantage of access to the printshop and making intaglio, relief and litho prints, and drinking lots of coffee to be able to fit comic making in with that. I’m constantly drawing in my sketchbook so those drawings will be included in future zines. I have a story/drawings for my next comic in an embryonic state.

What is the concept behind your zine/zines?

I have many long hours of drawing and writing ahead of me to discover that. Honestly I struggle with disciplining myself and my work ethic but I do know that I was born with a passionate desire to put my drawings in little books, and that zine and comic making is not an endeavor that can be accomplished with intermittent bouts of work. So I guess right now my zines deal with the themes of anxiety, low brow humor, and more anxiety.


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