Interview with Victoria of Foo Dog Blog

31 Jul
Victoria of Foo Dog Blog answered a few questions for us.  This will be her first Zine Fest.
What is the concept behind your zine
Basically, Foo’s adventures have taken him all over the country. Some zines and location specific. Others focus on a singular topic but all over the country. The possibilities are endless.
Why do you like zines? 
It provides a short, homegrown artistic outlet with a story at a reasonable cost for fans.
What made you decide to participate in 2012 Zine Fest Houston? 
A friend who follows Foo’s blog and has been to Zine Fest before and said, “Hey, you know where Foo would be great?” and so Foo is here.
What is something you think people should know about DIY in Houston?
Houston is an amazingly artistic city with a population of innovative and creative people that are all about DIY. It’s cool to DIY.
What will be on your table at this year’s zine fest
An assortment of Foo zines and products, a Footeria Mexican Bingo game, a catalog of available Foo t-shirts and other products, 8×10 Foo canvas portraits and an interactive Creative Caption Contest that can win participants fabulous Foo prizes.
What other creative ventures do you have besides making zines? 
Foo lets me help put together and write the Foo Dog Blog, and I write novels. The first, “In Death We Part,” is on sale now; and at the moment, I’m working on finishing the sequel, “Running in the Mists.”

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