Interview with Julia Vice Versa

22 Jul

Julia Vice Versa runs Vice Versa Press. Check out the Vice Versa Press website at and stop by her table at Zine Fest Houston 2012.
Why do you like zines?
Zines are the most intimate, uninhibited form of communicating ideas
in print now. They remain uncensored and still underground, although the internet threatens to take that sense of renegade away.

What is your favorite part of zine fests?
Having beers and discussing if punk is still relevant. Not that I really know.

What is something you’re looking forward to about the 2012 Zine
Fest Houston?
Getting turned on to new and old Chopped and Screwed music and finding
soul dance parties to go to.

What made you decide to participate in 2012 Zine Fest Houston?
Vice Versa Press is releasing the “Guide to Bing Alone” zine at the
end of the summer and it would be a great opportunity to get that zine
circulating. Plus, zinesters in general are pretty cool folk.

What will be on your table at this year’s zine fest?
A slew of self published zines (Including “Guide to Dating Gangsters
Vol.1”), stickers, mix CDs, a devotional pop-up shrine for spirit offerings, Printers Luck and Good Hair Day novena candles, good vibes.


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