Spend the end of the world with us

20 May

In case you haven’t heard, a California based preacher has predicted the rapture will occur at 6pm on Saturday, May 21 (just like in 1988). If he means California time, then it is 8pm our time. Either way, though, the rapture will, if this prediction is correct, occur during Zine Fest Houston. Is it just a coincidence or is Zine Fest Houston the reason for the end of the world? Either way, this is where the cool kids will be spending the end of the world, because Zine Fest is happening come hellfire or highwater, rain or rapture.

And if you do get raptured, being on the roof of Khon’s will put you closer to your destination. Just think how cool you will look when your body is taken up and all that is left behind is your shoes, pants and a Zine Fest Houston t-shirt.

However in the case of rain, hellfire or other severe weather, the festivities may be moved down below. No, not that far down below. We will move to a vacant space in the shopping center or on the sidewalk under the awning. But keep your fingers crossed (or pray) that it won’t rain, because being on the roof would be so much more fun, especially if the rapture does occur and we can watch people flying into the sky.

It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel zine.


One Response to “Spend the end of the world with us”

  1. zinefesthouston May 24, 2011 at 5:47 pm #

    REPRINT! for the end is near.

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