Interview with Robbie and Bobby Author Jason Poland

20 May

Below is an interview with Jason Poland, one of the many exhibitors at the 2011 Zine Fest Houston.

What is your favorite part of ZineFest?

It’s a party! If comic festivals were like Ninja Turtles, ZineFest would be Michaelangelo. 

What are your favorite zines/minicomics?

My favorite self published books are all comics: Austin Bedell’s Skweegie Island, Zach Taylor’s Bear Quest, and Chris Sweet’s mini books are all very polished examples of independently printed books.

What will be at your table at this years ZineFest?

At my table you’ll find the Robbie and Bobby mini booksand some really cool hand screened t-shirts. I’ll have a special ZineFest discount on the shirts! I’m also sharing half my table with Film Monitor! It’s good to have a buddy at these things.

What other creative ventures do you have besides creating zines?

I post Robbie and Bobby comics five days a week online, and I’ve recently gotten into silk screening. I plan to print more shirts and some posters soon!

What new projects are you working on this year?

I’m working on a collaborative comic book  with Chris Sweet, and I’m drawing a three page comic for the next issue of NANO Fiction.  They’re bigger than anything I’ve worked on before! Very exciting and challenging stuff.


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