Interview with Gingham Ghost

18 May

Below is an interview with Gingham Ghost, one of the many exhibitors at the 2011 Zine Fest Houston.

What is your favorite part of ZineFest?

It’s great to sell minicomics but the best part is meeting new zinesters and trading.

What are your favorite zines/minicomics?

We’re big fans of self-published autobiographical comics likes… King Cat (John Porcellino), Big Plans (Aron Nels Steinke), Phase 7 (Alec Longstreth), Milkyboots (Virgina Paine), Clutch (Greg Means), Brainfag (Nate Beaty) and Just So You Know (Joey Alison Sayers).

What will be at your table at this years ZineFest?

We will be bringing a slew of our minicomics, highlights include…

“Okay? Okay!” – an autobiographical double comic telling the same love story from two different perspectives in two contrasting art styles.

“AOA #1” – a huge collection of colorful hand-painted diary comics by Melinda Tracy Boyce, a twenty-something exploring Portland and hanging out with her boyfriend.

“Batcave Beach Chapter 1” – a fictional story about an outcast who sneaks into a private school’s party, befriends an eccentric duo obsessed with death and begins a haunting and quirky adventure to discover the meaning of life… before it’s too late.

What new projects are you working on this year?

We will continue our diary comics and our monthly Digital Zine distributed by email (sign up for it for free at as well as work on the exciting second chapter of Batcave Beach.

What other creative ventures do you have besides creating zines?

Besides zines and comics we create music as The Jellyfish Bandits.  Aaron Whitaker also is a painter and screenwriter.


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