Interview with Waste and Void Distro

13 May

Waste and Void is one of the many exhibitors participating in the 2011 Zine Fest Houston.  Below is an interview with the distribution group.

Why do you create zines?
To put it succinctly: We are anarchists; we desire the destruction of this society in favor of one that allows for true freedom.  Of course these are loaded terms and these things won’t occur without some sort of provocation.  So we create and distribute zines to address both of these issues: we seek to define our desires and incite others to join us in our struggles.

What will be on your table at this year’s zine fest?
Well, some of the themes our distro likes to explore are illegalism, insurrectionary and anti-civilization theory, crime, and anthropology.  So, we’ll have everything from anthropology essays and herbal medicine primers to manuals on creating secret hiding places and lockpicking guides.  We’ll also have universal handcuff keys and possibly lockpick sets for sale.

How did you become interested in zines?
When one of us was 16, they were locked up for several different felony charges, and as their time went on, the Anarchist Black Cross Federation began sending them zines every week. These zines helped them do their time and get out unaffected by the state. Zines can reach youth, prisoners, and subversives in a way that books cannot.

What other creative ventures do you have besides making zines?
Aside from zines and literature, we’re also working on creating stickers and pins to give out.  We also like graffiti (the legal kind, of course ;)). Though really, we aren’t too into creation; destruction is more our thing.

What is something you’re looking forward to about the 2011 zine fest Houston?
Honestly, we’re most looking forward to meeting individuals who hold some sort of interest in learning more about anarchy, criminality, and life beyond this wretched civilization.  We’re absolutely thrilled to make new friends and discuss/debate what can definitely be contentious issues.


One Response to “Interview with Waste and Void Distro”

  1. anon May 13, 2011 at 12:54 am #

    This sounds like its gonna be one of the more interesting tables.

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