Interview with Dave Nelson

1 May

Dave Nelson is one of the many exhibitors participating in the 2011 Zine Fest Houston. Below is an interview with him.

What will be on your table at this year’s zine fest?

My Finding Elim collection and LOTS of random character sketches.

What is the concept behind your zine?

Finding Elim is just a newspaper-style comic centered around a small-town pastor and his family. Mostly gags.

How did you become interested in zines?

My first experience with mini-comics was the Chick tracts at my church. As a kid, a comic was a comic and I didn’t care if they were mass produced “propaganda”. The concept of making tiny comics stuck and I started making my first minis for specific events like birthdays and fundraisers.

Why do you like zines?

A zine or journal comic is an intimate window into the minds and lives of creative artists. Like any good story, they allow me to experience things I’d never do on my own like dumpster diving, hanging in the hood, or simply skating through downtown at 3 in the morning.

Why does self-publishing appeal to you?

There’s no one to say you can’t do it. And I do love to see the finished product.

What is your favorite part of zine fests?

The people that come to zine fests are so unique; it’s got to be the best party of the year for a homebody like myself.

What is something you’re looking forward to about the 2011 Zine Fest Houston?

Meeting the zinesters and collecting some great local comics.

What are your favorite zines/minicomics/etc?

“Dreams of Donuts” by Heather Wreckage or anything by Jarrod L Perez. 

 What is something you think people should know about DIY in Houston?

There is no standard of quality. If you have something to say, just get it down on paper and put it out there.


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