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A Trip to Skweegie Island with M. Austin Bedell

7 Oct

In honor of ZFH week, we’ll be featuring a zinester feature EVERY DAY! Ohh yes, you read correctly. So strap on your raybans and adjust your tommy bahama gear, as we journey through the forbidden pleasures enjoyed on Skweegie Island!

portrait of the artist as a young garbuckle

What is your favorite part of zine fest?

Pronouncing “zine” with a long i, like “wine,” and insisting that’s how you say it. It’s almost as fun as saying “Star Track” at a sci-fi convention, or emphasizing the second syllable in “Marvel” (mar-VEL) at a comic con. I also enjoy the process of describing a book of mine to someone, just to have them tell me they only like the opposite thing.

What is something that you’re looking forward to about the 2013 Zine Fest Houston?
Xeroxing my butt with the Gutenberg press. (ed: noooooooooo! yeeeeeessss!)

What new projects are you working on this year?
I’m working on a comic book love letter to my hometown’s long-gone video store, Fred’s TV & Video.  Well, maybe not a “love letter.”  I mean, don’t write love letters to dead things; it’s just sick.  But apparently there was a monkey in the back of the store that didn’t actually exist (?)

What will be on your table at this year’s Zine Fest?
The complete smorgasbord of Skweegie Island comic books!  YES!!!!  EVERYTHING YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!!!!

Why does self-publishing appeal to you?
It’s like running my own little world.  Nobody can tell me what goes and what doesn’t go, and the only struggles over content are internal.  I mean sure, nobody buys…  But, oh! how sickeningly satisfying it is to stare at a library of my own creation.
What is/are your favorite place(s) in Houston?
Astroworld is pretty fun.  Let’s go there!

Zine Fest Houston week kicks off in 3, 2…

6 Oct

Welp, it’s finally time. We’ve worked hard this year to spread the good word to all the good folks of Houston and now if I bend my ear, it seems I can hear, through the newly crisp fall air, the sound of zines being folded and staplers busily stapling away!

This is going to be a great week for Houston zines, not only because Zine Fest Houston is coming at your FACE on Saturday! Here’s a little preview of what’s going down:

TODAY at East Side Social Center, the POC Zine Project’s Race Riot! Tour is going to be presenting Zines made by and/or for POC for sale and/or trade, guest zine readers & speakers and many more.’ This is a great project, so make sure you head over to ESSC today at 4pm to check it out!


Following hot on its heels is the All Hallow’Zine open mic & zine reading event at Kaboom Books! We are very excited to be presenting in collaboration with the folks at Kaboom, who are lovely lovely people. Come join us for refreshments and sweet sweet entertainment from the self publishing community!


And, of course, Zine Fest Houston will be taking place on October 12th at the Museum of Printing History between 3-8pm. Here’s what you can look forward to at the fest!


4-5pm: Presentation by zine archivist and punk rock historian David Ensminger.

David Ensminger is a Humanities, Folklore, and English Instructor at Lee College in Baytown, TX. As a writer covering music, art, and contemporary issues, he has authored three books: Visual Vitriol: The Street Art and Subcultures of the Punk and Hardcore Generations (Univ. Press of Mississippi), co-authored Mojo Hand (Univ. of Texas Press), a biography of bluesman Lightnin’ Hopkins, and contributed to Popmatters, Maximum Rock’n’Roll, Houston Press, Postmodern Culture, Art in Print, M/C Journal, Journal of Popular Music Studies, Artcore, Liminalities, and others. As a digital archivist and blogger, he maintains 25 blogs documenting vernacular culture. Throughout his career, his zines, articles, and blogs have focused on the often overlooked but fecund, ongoing, and nuanced contributions of women, African Americans, Hispanics, queers and lesbians, and Deaf/Hard of Hearing communities upon the legacy, history, and modern dynamics of punk. In 2012, he released The Punk and Indie Compendium, an App published by BiblioBoard (featured on iTunes), featuring 250 entries, including music, photography, interviews, and ephemera from his zines ranging from 1988-2012. His photographs have been featured in his books, blogs, and articles as well. Lastly, as a drummer, singer, and curator of traveling Visual Vitriol poster exhibitions, he has toured American and Western Europe since 2002.

5-5:30pm: Raffle!

5:30-6:30pm: Panel with Space City Nerd as moderators featuring Jamie Kinosian and more panelists TBA!

6:30-6:45pm: Another raffle!

6:45-7:45pm: Presentation by artist Michael Bise

Michael Bise is an artist and author of the ongoing comic, ‘Life on the List,’ a chronicle of the artist’s struggle with what can often be a debilitating heart condition. A pick for the 2013 Texas Biennial, Michael Bise has a show entitled Love in the Kingdom of the Sick up at Moody Gallery that is definitely worth checking out before you hear him speak at the fest!

7:45-8pm: A big raffle!!!

Throughout the fest there will also be kid/teen workshops generously provided by Harris County Public Librarian Maggie Block, zinester extraordinaire! Thank you Maggie, you’re the best!

Maggie Block was formerly a North East transplant in the Midwest, but is now some sort of North East/Midwest hybrid transplant in the Lone Star State (“Yankee” has been suggested, but just seems over simplistic). She is a youth worker, evolving from babysitter & camp counselor to teaching artist & nanny to what she is currently: a youth librarian. Maggie first got involved with Zine Fest Houston when she asked if the organizers would do a presentation on zines for her teens at HCPL’s Aldine branch. She’s thrilled to be double tasking as a tabler and youth workshop leader for this year’s fest!

We’ll also be joined by the Broke Ass Pizza Cooperative, who will be slinging pizza outside the museum for vegans and non-vegans alike! Yummy!

And finally, after a long week of zine reading and making and fun fun fun, come unwind with us at The Doctor’s Office (1302 Nance St.) for the ZFH 2013 After Show! Featuring an Improv Ham Jam (bring your best ham), WOMB BOMB (with former ZFH organizer Lindsey Simard!), CAFFEINATED (Evan McCarley and Scott Gregory bring you the pop-punk anarchy feels), Amazing Technology, and more TBA! Also featuring a keg sponsored by Karbach! Thanks guys!

Hearing about zinefest but bummed you didn’t register in time? It’s cool! There will be overflow tables available at the doc’s office for you to set up and trade, sell, throw around, or distro your stuff in what ever way you see fit! :}

omggg it’s gonna be amaaaaazine!

Zinester Feature: Vice Versa Press (ATX)

30 Sep

Today’s zinester feature highlights Vice Versa Press out of Austin! We’re really pleased to have them join us for ZFH 2013; it was great to see other Texans when we were up in Portland for the Portland Zine Symposium, and it’s great to have these neighborinos joining us in Houston for ZFH 2013! Yay!


What is your favorite part of zine fest?

My favorite part of zine fest is joking around with other tablers and inevtiably finding ways to fight the awkward moments that selling ones good entails.

What is something that you’re looking forward to about the 2013 Zine Fest Houston?

Seeing familiar faces and forming better friendships with other zinesters. Maybe having a few cigarettes outside. Smoking a spliff would be cool.

What are your favorite zines/mini-comics etc.?

Tales of Blarg! is the freakin bomb, anything by sir Aaron Cometbus, PRIZE Comics, Feedback headbanging how-tos

What made you decide to participate in the 2013 Zine Fest Houston?

The fact that 2013 Zine Fest Houston was being held at the Museum of Printing History is awesome. As a printmaker, I’d be a traitor if I did not go.

What new projects are you working on this year?

I’m completing “Guide to Dating Gangsters vol. 2″. It’s been two years since the first issue was released and I’d hate to give anyone the idea that I’ve had any dating dry spells. Just a few close encounters/ it’s complicated.

What is something you think people should know about DIY in Houston?

The fact that DownTogether House is AWESOME. I hung out there for a little bit post-Zine Fest last year and had a really nice time. Got to sleep in the hammock and shoot the shit in general. 

Why does self-publishing appeal to you?

Self publishing appeals to me because it is virtually uncensored. I can print what I want. No sales quota to meet. No audience to cater to. Just me, some sharpies, a couple travel tales, and the copy machine. Plus, I can control ALL the elements of my publication through self publishing. I’ve got the power.

Zinester Feature: Chris Engelsma

24 Sep

Today’s featured zinester is Chris Engelsma, author of Jesus Christ Manatee and a contributor to the Zine Fest Houston 2013 Compilation! Among other things, he’ll be featuring a typographical map of Houston, a portion of which is featured in his interview, which you can read below!!



13 Sep

After much anticipation and baited breath, we bring glad tidings to you, dear zinesters:


We’re opening registration again for Zine Fest Houston at the Museum of Printing History on October 12th!

Click here for table information, prices, and download a registration form for ZFH 2013!

We can’t stress enough, SPACE IS LIMITED!! So get while the gettin’ is good. :]

Double Interview with Lauren and Aaron!

11 Sep

Today’s featured Zinesters are Lauren and Aaron, who’ll be tabling together at ZFH this year! They win the award for most creative interview formatting thus far! We can’t wait to see what they bring to the fest.






Zinester Highlight: The Lovely Blubs

9 Sep
Zinester highlights continue with a conversation with Tayyba Kanwal, coordinator of The Lovely Blubs. Read on!

Why do you create zines?

The Lovely Blubs are a multi-generational co-inspiring team, and zines have the magical ability to web together our ideas and creative skills. Zines let us play together, and share our worlds with people who get the fun of it.

What is your favorite part of zine fest?

Talking with people about the inspiration behind the hundred of stories and images floating around the Zine Fest, both theirs and ours.

What new projects are you working on this year?

This year The Lovely Blubs are starting a new series that will be released at the Zine Fest over six years. Come find us for part 1 of a futuristic zine inspired by Alice (of Wonderland) by Natasha and Unity Haq. You’ve seen their Mara & Clay series mature over the two years they were in elementary school. They are now middle schoolers and seasoned zinesters. We are thrilled about the prospect of watching this new series evolve with them through their years in middle school and high school. 

What will be on your table at this year’s Zine Fest?

You don’t want to miss Natasha & Unity Haq’s first installment of their new Alice zine! Athena Haq’s “Duck and Swan” love story (featuring a duck in a tux!) was a hit last year, and she will be back with another moving new zine. The Lovely Blubs will also have a new set of postcards of their original art, that you have become so fond of over the last two years. And this year, Maya Kanwal has a special treat waiting for you – handwritten copies of her published second person short story, a story that was imagined as a letter, and now you can have a personal copy.

What other creative ventures do you have besides making zines?

Maya Kanwal, the coordinator of The Lovely Blubs, is writing a short story collection, one of which is forthcoming this fall in the journal Quarterly West, and was presented at a reading at the Houston Public Library central branch. She has also completed a YA novel that is now in the hands of the powers that be. You can check her out here: http://mayakanwal.com and follow her on twitter @mayakanwal

What is/are your favorite place(s) in Houston?

The Lovely Blubs haunt the museums that we are so lucky to have such easy access to, and spend a lot of time (both watching and performing) at the Wortham Center, Main Street Theater and Winter Street Studios. Those of us who are old enough can also be consistently found writing at Agora, imbibing at The Anvil and listening to readings at Rudyards.


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