Tabling FAQ

How much is tabling space at Zine Fest Houston this year?

Tabling prices are $25 for a full size table, $15 for a half size table and $10 if you want to bring your own table.
If you register by August 15th you will receive a $5 discount on tabling prices, excluding the bringing your own table option.

How do I pay for my table?

You may send payment by check (or well concealed cash) to PO Box 920740, Houston, TX 77292 or via Paypal to  If you are using Paypal, please indicate in the comments box what you are paying for, just so we can keep track of that information.

Where is Zine Fest Houston this year?

This year, ZFH will be held at the Museum of Printing History located at 1324 W. Clay, Houston, TX 77019.  We’re super excited about this collaboration because we think it’s a great fit!

What are the measurements for the tables this year?

The tables will be 6’ x 30” (72” x 30”) at full size and half size tables will be 36” x 30”.  Please see the diagrams below.  If you want to make a new zine friend, then a half size table would be the way to go!

Where can I register?

Just go to this page on our website:

Why is Zine Fest Houston doing two table sizes this year?

This year we want to fit in as many awesome zinesters as possible and one way to do that is to have an option for sharing table space with one another!  Although the museum is big, there are certain areas that are not made for large tables, such as permanent exhibition spaces.  More zinesters means more diversity and more attendees!

What are the hours of the event?

Zine Fest Houston will be on Saturday, October 12th from 3PM to 8PM.  There will be plenty of time to set up before the event and those details will be sent out closer to the actual day of the fest.

What do I do if I need to change some part of my registration?

Send us an email at with any and all changes you need to make and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

So…I registered and paid, but it turns out I need to cancel!  What do I do?

Please send us an email to cancel your registration and we can issue you a refund, or if you would like to donate your table space to someone, that is also an option.  The Zine Gods will surely smile down upon you!

It’s always better to let us know sooner rather than later if you know you won’t be able to table.

Thank you!

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