Past Exhibitors

The following is a partial list of creators who have exhibited at our past events. We are still in the process of updating this list. If you catch a misspelling or other error, notice that a name is missing, or know of a current website for anyone listed below, email

2011 Musical Performers

Rotten Piece – solo experimental/industrial/noise

IMR – solo experimental/industrial

Organ Failure – outsider comedy band

Carlos Pozo – ambient/experimental sound on laptop and electronics

The Grass Skirts – tropical pop band

Muzak John – solo experimental/comedy/electronica

2011 Exhibitors (check back for updates as table registrations arrive)


Arcade Distro

ArmzRace Comics

BLAZED! zine

Broken Brick Distro


Calico Grounds


Darla Lathan (RadiComics)

Dave Nelson (Finding Elim, Christopher Graphics)

Eigengrau Press

Future Husband

Gingham Ghost

Houston Entertanicle

It’s Not My Fault

I Wanna Kiss Yer Feet

Jason Poland (Robbie  +  Bobbie)


Old Town Houston

Peter Lee (Lone Star State of Depression)

Richy Vegas Comics

Sedition Books

shane patrick boyle (Houston Comics and “shane” zine)

Studio X (Edwin Johnston)

Super Happy Fun Land


Ted Closson

Tumblweed Distro

Waste And Void Distro

Weak Highlights


Aaron Danger (Team Science Records)

Anti Racist Action (ARA)-Houston

Arcade Distro

Arturo Gonzales (Nimo)

Austin Havican (Hole Moles)

Barry Rodges (The Iwerks Commemorative Dinner)

Baton Rouge Cartoonists Society

Boone Graham

Brian Arthur (Minimal Effort Man)


Carlos Samudio (Hopper Comics)

Chris Jarzombek (Armz Race)

Chris Neri

Chris Nicholas (You Chose Right the First Time)

Christine Pointeau (River by Night Studios)

Clint Cooper

Damian Louis (Pussy Cuntrol)

Damn You, Drunk Rooster

Dark Matter Books

Darla Lathan (Radical Tales)

Dave Nelson (Finding Elim, Suburbatory)

Dirk Strangely

Dylan Edwards (Feeping Creatures, Politically Inqueerect)

Elizabeth Jackson

Eric De Beer


Film Monitor Houston

Free Press Houston

Goats Head Publishing


Hank Hancock (Broke)

Heather Rector (Dreams of Donuts)

Houston Area Comics Society

Houston Comics

Ismael Cavazos

Jarrod L. Perez (Toonster)

Jason Poland (Robbie & Bobby)

Jenn Dolari (Closetspace and A Wish For Wings)

John C.  Hughes (Overground Comic Company)

John Rittman (M.P.H.)

Josh Boulet (The Green Reefer)

Kieth McCaffety

Kirke Campbell (Giant Steps)

L.V. Gaither (The Gaither Reporter)

Mark Lyons (Stokesville)

Mark Nasso

Mark P. Hensel (The Gold County Paper Mill)

Matt “DC” Tedrow (The New Texas Radical)

Meghann Rosales (Jugwine Comix)

Miranda Schott (Abstract Ink)

Nano Fiction

Neil Ellis Orts (NeoNuma Arts)

Olivia Dvorak (The Wingnut’s Guide to Self-Improvement, Therapy, Redemption or Even Treachery Through the Sewing of Sock Toys)

Omar Rodriguez (Black Rabbit Works)

Panhandler Publishing

Paul Gasparo (Armz Race and Hard Traveling Hero)

Ram Hull

Rebecca Burwell (Abstract Ink)

Robb Zipp

Robert Stikmanz

Sabby Darling

Sedition Books

shane patrick boyle (Houston Comics and “shane” zine)

Sherwood Bishop (Space City News)

Steve Grubbs

Straight  Up Distro

Taft Street Poetry Society

The Alarm Zine

The Art of Dirk Strangely

The Rag Blog

Thomas Ayresol (Beer Run)

Thorne Dreyer (Space City News, The Rag)

Toby Craig (Death Swamp and Punish the Dead)

Tony Benak (ShortFuze Comix)

Trey Wickwire (U-Con and Orangutan Comics)

Underbelly Printing

Weak Highlights

Western Nightmares

Zane Thomas


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